How can I go from Dubai to Qatar?

How can I go from Dubai to Qatar for fifa world cup?

The United Arab Emirates is hosting the Fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar. Football lovers from each corner of the world are reaching Qatar. If you wish to see your favorite player in a football game live, you must travel to Qatar for fifa world cup to witness a lifetime memory. 

 If you are traveling to the UAE, Dubai is a must-visit place. You can plan the travel on the way you reach Dubai and, after exploring Dubai reach Qatar to see the Fifa world cup. Moreover, a ticket to Qatar must be expensive as flights are booked with football enthusiasts flying to Qatar.

Ways to travel from Dubai to Qatar:

By road: You can rent a car and reach Qatar by road. Many options for renting a car will be available, and you can choose the car that suits your budget. It will be a journey of around 7 hours, and you will be driving along the beautiful Persian Gulf coast. Take your own time without a rush and enjoy the drive from Dubai to Qatar on the amazing roads of UAE. Confirm the right way and the car fuel is sufficient to avoid any on-road troubles.

By air:  you can fly to Qatar Hamad International airport from Dubai International airport on a domestic plane. You can book the tickets from various available options. It's a one-hour flight from Dubai to Qatar, and the ticket could cost $180 - $500. If the ticket is booked in advance and you can avail of the airline's offers and deals, the ticket can be purchased at much cheaper rates.

By Bus: you can go on a bus from Dubai to Qatar, which will cost much less than a car or flight. Different categories of buses are available for travel across the states of the Emirates though it may take a bit longer than the other modes of travel.

You must consider that the FIFA matches are taking place in different states of Qatar, so you must calculate the travel time and cost per your suitable budget. And the stay expenses are, included too in the budget of How can i go from Dubai to Qatar for FIFA world cup 2022 to watch a marvelous football match.

The best for going from Dubai to Qatar

 If you want to travel to Dubai using the best flight as per the time and cost considered you have to know that Qatar Airways is the best airline as it takes 1 hour and it is a nonstop flight as well, and you can make use of its services that are very good as well, and this flight has excellent customer support as well you can contact them if you want to make ticket booking with this airlines, you can also go to the website as well

Getting in touch with customer support

First, you have to go to the website, and after that, you can get reservation information, and you have to make a call to customer support on 091670 03333, and after you get to customer support you have to tell them that you want a ticket reservation with them 

Using chat

You can get to chat support after following the steps 

  • First, you have to click on the browser and go to the website of Qatar Airways
  • Now you have to look for contact us 
  • After clicking, you have to now click on the chat feature
  • You get connected to the customer support team 
  • Write your issues
  • And then get a response fast 

After reading this article, you got to know the issue you were facing at the very start, which airlines can you fly between Dubai and Qatar? And after that, you also get to know ways to get connected to Qatar Airways, and after that, you can make ticket reservations complete 

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