Can I change my Qatar Airways flight for free?

Can I change my Qatar Airways flight for free?

Most of the flight reservations are already prebooked and months before the scheduled flight date, and the chances of any changes coming up in one’s plans admittedly increase due to this. 

Qatar Airways acknowledges such occasions when amends are needed to be made on flight reservations and provide various methods. And if one wonders, “Can I change my Qatar Airways flight for free?” they can explore the rest sections to learn how to do so.

The current Qatar flight change policies due to Covid:

  • Qatar Airways has made considerable changes to its flight change policies to accommodate the necessity of flight change due to Covid.

  • Qatar allows flexible travel by allowing its flyers to make unlimited changes to their flight reservations completed by 30 September 2022.

  • No flight change fee is applied to these changes, and only the fare difference would have to be paid.

  • The tickets would enjoy extended validity of 2 years from their issuing date.

  • The unused value of any ticket is eligible for a refund in the original mode of payment without paying any extra charges.

Qatar Airways 24 hour policy for flight change:

One can change a Qatar reservation within 24 hours of the booking without paying any additional charges, irrespective of the ticket type. This is valid even after the Covid relaxation period, and one can make free changes during this period on even the “saver” fares which are unchangeable and nonrefundable.

How to make changes to a Qatar reservation?

  • The primary thing to know is that a Qatar reservation can be amended by contacting the original vendor of the said ticket.

  • If someone has got their booking from Qatar Airways directly, they can use the Qatar Website or call their customer service to amend the flight.

  • The Qatar homepage has a “My Trip” option that allows one to search for their reservation using the reservation details of the ticket and wait till the browser loads the flight itinerary.

  • Next, click on “Modify” and make the needed changes to the date or any other flight detail.

  • Choose the new flight option and confirm the changes after paying the charges, if any are applicable.

  • An email will signify successful changes to the flight reservation.

Via the mobile application:

Apart from the website, if anyone wants to know how to change Qatar Airways flight date online, then they can use the Qatar mobile application. One can download the application from the mobile’s app store and sign in using their Qatar account. If one doesn’t have a Qatar account yet, they can create a new one for free and start the application. Click on the Modify flight option and follow the same procedure above to get the flight changed.

How much is the flight change charge for Qatar Airways?

  • For trips that are completed by 30 September 2022, Qatar will not charge any fee.

  • Trips made outside the period and the changes made within 24 hours of the booking are exempt from any flight change charge.

  • A fee of $66 to $170 can be charged depending upon the flight route, fare type, and destination.

  • Platinum and Gold main members of Qatar loyalty accounts don’t have to pay any charges.

Silver and Burgundy main members have to pay a nominal fee of &25 and $100 for changes made before and after the deadline 24 hours before the flight. Those who ask how much does it cost to change a flight with Qatar Airways can read these details carefully or call customer service for any further assistance on Qatar cancelations.

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