United Airlines Seat Selection

United Airlines Seat Selection

After making the reservation with United Airlines, they will assign the seat to the passengers. If you do not like the seat and you need to select another one, then you must have complete information about the procedure, rules, and regulations. It is essential that you have full knowledge about how I choose my seat on United Airlines? So that your journey will become more convenient. You can also contact the customer service spokesperson, and they will assist you with your queries. There are numerous ways through which you can make the seat selection at United Airlines, and all of them will be mentioned below.

How do I select my seat at United Airlines?

United Airlines gives different ways through which you can select your seat. You can pick the medium which is more suitable for you. We will discuss the seat selection methods in the article outlined below.

Use the online process for seat selection:

One of the best and most effective ways to select a seat at United Airlines is the online method. To use this medium, you need to follow the steps as per described below:

  • Go to the official United Airlines web link.
  • Under the Manage My Trip tab, you need to click on the Manage Booking option.
  • Fill out the booking confirmation number and last name of the passenger in the following sections. Tap on the continue link.
  • All the flight details will be fetched on your screen, and you need to select the ticket on which you need to choose the seat.
  • After you complete the whole procedure then, you will get a message on your email or mobile phone.

Select your seat by the phone call process:

You can use the calling method to make the seat selection. It is one of the expeditious ways, and you need to dial the customer support number at 1 (800) 864-833. After making the call, you must go through the steps mentioned below:

Once the call gets connected you will receive the instructions from the automated voice of the computer. 

You need to follow it, and then the call will be routed to the executive who will assist you with the procedure, medium, rules, and regulations for the same.

Select the seat at the airport:

If you are still searching for an alternative way to select the seat, then you can visit the airport from where your United Airlines flight will depart. At the help desk, you need to submit a copy of your passport, identification proof, government-approved identity, and other documents as per the requirement. 

What are United Airlines seat selection policies?

Before selecting the seat, you know about the guidelines and United Airlines seat selection costs so that while traveling, you do not encounter any issues. The policies are outlined below:

You can pick the seat at the time of booking the flight ticket with United Airlines.

  • If the seats are available on the airline, then you do not need to pay any charges, but if there are no seats available, then United Airlines will charge at least 9 dollars.
  • At the time of check-in, the passenger can pick a seat at United.
  • You can select a seat at United for free if you have already purchased the premium membership of the airline.
  • If you book your flight ticket through a third party, then for the seat selection, you need to contact them. You can also get your seat at the airport, but for that, you need to pay the additional charges.
  • The passengers can select their seats through an online procedure by clicking on the Manage My Booking option, or they can also contact the customer support executive.
  • The cost for the seat selection depends on the class under which the passenger picks their seat in United Airlines.


With the aid of the mediums mentioned above, you can select your seat at United Airlines. If you still need a solution to your queries, then you can get in touch with the customer service team.

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