Delta Seat Selection

Delta Seat Selection Guide

Delta Airlines is one of the reputed travel industries that allow scheduled passengers flights to more than 320 destinations. To have extra space and make your trips feasible with seat selection at Delta flights. Prior to using the Delta seat selection procedure, you should go through its necessary rules. Specific guidelines about seat selection will help you analyze what particular types of space can be made in advance before using the trips. Each seat which are selected at Delta has some cost which depends on the routes and other fare differences.

Delta Seat Selection Policy

  • Seat selection is made only from the Seat map lists. You can also check the seat availability, and even change from the same map list.
  • Labeled marked Delta seats cannot be chosen twice because it signifies that other passengers already occupy them.
  • For Basic Economy, seat selection is allowed once Check-in is done, and you cannot choose preferred seats.
  • When you need extra seat space in the same class, you can request for seat selection with customer support or check from its official page.
  • You have to pay some additional applicable cost for an extra occupied seat.
  • Delta seat selection is non-refundable and non-changeable, as per the Airline's policy.
  • Passengers with medical conditions, senior citizens, or pregnant women cannot select exit seats, window, or aisle seats.
  • If your tickets are canceled before the 24-hour Check-in window, you will receive e-travel credit for the preferred seat selection amounts.

How can I select a Delta flight seat using the Online process?

You can quickly select the preferred seats when it is available via the online process. Also, for simple seat selection at Delta Airlines, you can adhere to some essential steps.

  • Browse the Delta Airlines Home Page at
  • While reaching the Web page, navigate with the My Trip from the top header.
  • Fill in the confirmation number, first, and last name.
  • When the flight summary is open, you can go with the seat selection options.
  • From the available seat map list, choose the unoccupied seats only.
  • Make the applicable payments to confirm the seat selection process.
  • You will get a confirmation about seat selection in your Email.

What will be the actual costs for Delta Airlines seat selection?

Seat selection has some costs which you should know about before choosing it. On average, Delta seat selection cost starts from $15 per seat, and it may go up to $75 per passenger on single trips. However, if you are a SkyMiles Member at Delta Airlines, you can continue seat selection with available miles or use Medallion status to purchase seats.

Can you pick your seats with Delta?

Yes, you can select Delta Airlines seat on any route to reach the destination. But, every seat selection is only possible after following some of its strict policies. While using the Delta flights you can even pick the preferred seat and make your air travel comfortable. Before choosing any Delta seats, verify whether you are eligible to select the seats of your choice. 

Does Delta try to seat people together?

Delta Airlines ensures that you can sit together with your families or groups even after the Check-in facility completion. But, when you do not observe any chance to sit together, you can request the Airport staff to arrange vacant seats in the same class. After making the request, Airport representatives will arrange the possible vacant seats for you along with your teammates or families.

How do I change my seat preferences on Delta?

Any change in terms of eat selection at Delta flights can be made either with the Airline's official website or with the Mobile App. Also, using the Online process, you can see the empty seats from the map list and make your choice accordingly. 


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