Can I speak to someone at Avianca?

How do I speak to someone at Avianca?

Avianca is a Colombian airline operating since 1929 to joining 60+ destinations worldwide. This airline has numerous passengers who travel through its fleet, having 90+ aircraft. They prefer this airline to enjoy the world-class facilities. They can perform that by following the official method. Its customers are sometimes required to get in touch or how do I communicate with Avianca Airlines? with its official customer service to obtain assistance. This is an excellent method to connect with an expert in Avianca customer service to attain assistance. It is a fantastic way to use which anyone can receive aid from the customer service of Avianca.

The precious steps to get in touch with Avianca customer service: 

Call up the Avianca airline customer service team by dialing its valid and official 1-800-284-2622(official number) or 1-802-341-3406(OTA for immediate assistance) phone number.

  • You will receive the vital IVR options and use them to get yourself connected with the correct Avainaca representative.
  • After this, gain access to the primary and secondary voice menu to attain help from its customer service.
  • Now, you need to choose the language in which you are required to receive aid from Avianca support.
  • Next, you should use the advanced menu and employ the voice tone to receive assistance from Avianca.
  • Press 1, and learn about the booking of the Avaianca airline flights for the domestic or international regions.
  • Press 2, modify the current booking to augment the air journey using the cancellation or flight change option.
  • Press 3 to upgrade the flight booking through cash or credit card for any of the flight reservations.
  • Once you connect with the Avianca representative, speak with the live person of this airline about your problem.
  • Please describe your problem in detail by speaking about all the points of it and request for a solution.
  • In the end, receive a solution and fix your problem by using it without any further problems.

Using the method mentioned above will assist you in contacting the Avianca customer support team to obtain the necessary details. Several users want to learn additional details about how do I speak to someone at Avianca? Contact Avianca support using the live chat or email ID method. You can receive details from its customer service team by connecting them around the clock.

How do I get in touch with Avianca?

  • Dial Avianca 1(800) 284-2622 or 1-802-341-3406(speak to Avianca person)
  • Press 1 to say for 'reservations' or 'booking queries'
  • Press 5 to send the ;complaints' or ;feedback' 
  • After that press 9 to get in touch with the Avianca representative
  • So you can get the answer of how do I contact Avianca by phone? within 24 hours of live service. 

Get suitable methods of contacting customer service on Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines is a national and international flight, that helps you explore more for the best particular destinations at your required time. It allows you to make critical changes to your flight ticket when you complete your booking with its official booking website. It makes you understand for making a plan change for your flight booking at a determined date and time by just contacting the best Avianca customer agent at any time.

When you notice something wrong with your flight booking service, you can surely get complete advice and help at your required time. If you want to get complete advice and help related to flight booking service at Avianca Airlines, you can use the Avianca WhatsApp number that you can use at your required time ideally. It is essential to change a flight ticket when you notice something wrong with your booking and get in touch with the customer representative team of Avianca that is available to assist you suitably.

How do I speak to a live person at Avianca?

You can call 1 (800) 284-2622 or 1-802-341-3406 via cell phone or follow these easy steps to speak to a real person at Avianca to enable this service to help your customers get support 24 hours of the day( monday to sunday).

  • Via phone call
  • Via live chat
  • Via email support
  • Via Whatsapp support
  • Via social support
  • Avianca Office Address

Get the easiest methods to contact customer service on Avianca Airlines:

Use a phone number:

When you need to get to Avianca Airlines, you can use the best phone numbers that you can find as per the flight booking services on the booking website page. You can achieve complete deals and offers to manage your flight ticket at a particular time.

To have a good experience you need to go to Avianca phone number to know about How do I get in touch with Avianca?

  1. Dial 1 (800) 284-2622 or 1-802-341-3406 for a quick response as usual.
  2. This service provides 24x7 instant assistance to the passengers without breaking any calls on line.

Use an email service:

It is liable to contact the customer service team using email service and send your queries to get a customer representative of Avianca Airlines smoothly. You will get a phone call back request to quickly share your queries with a live person. 

Use social media services:

It will be essential to use social media services and find a WhatsApp phone number +57 311 4006797 that you can dial to get in touch with the best customer representative team. You should have a WhatsApp account that you can use to dial the phone number quickly. You can contact the virtual live chat consultant to get instant assistance with Avianca regarding your ticket purchase,reservation, flight status,check-in and data updates.

Avianca Whatsapp 

Avianca Facebook

Avianca Twitter

Avianca Instagram

Avianca Messenger


Thus, if you ask how do you get to Avianca, you can also use a live chat service to get vital support and service at your required time, ideally.

How do you get to avianca?

  • To reach to live person of Avianca, by dialing toll-free customer service number at 1-800-284-2622 with 24*7 to get assistance with any queries.
  • The Avianca hotline number provides an automated voice instructions, once you are connected.
  • You can eventually transfer your phone call to a live representative by following the directions from the automated voice.
  • Then speak directly to the Avianca customer service representative regarding your query resolution.
  • The phone number is the most successful way to how do you get to avianca? for immediate assistance

If you are connected to Avianca globally, you can choose a phone number to receive immediate help:

Alemania phone number +49 800 2842622
Argentina phone number (+54) 0-810-333-8222
Aruba phone number (+297)-588-0059
Bolivia phone number 800 100 940
Brasil phone number (+55) 0800-8918668
Canada phone number 1 8007228222
Chile phone number (562) 3322-5802
Costa Rica phone number (+506) 2299-8222
Curazao phone number (5999) 844-2020
Ecuador phone number 1800 00 3434
El Salvador phone number (+503) 2267-8222
España phone number (+34) 900 802 500
Estados Unidos phone number (+001) 800-284-2622
Guatemala phone number (502) 2470-8222
Honduras phone number (504) 2570-8222/(504) 2281-8222
Inglaterra phone number (0800) 0314-206
México phone number (+52) 800-123-3120
Nicaragua phone number (505) 2276-9922
Panamá phone number (+507) 2068-222
Paraguay phone number 009 800 511 8222
Perú phone number +51) 4870222/0800 51111/0-800-1-8222
Puerto Rico phone number (+001) 800 284 2622
Reino Unido phone number (+44) 8000-314-206
Republica Dominicana phone number (+001) 809 200 8662
Uruguay phone number (+598) 000-405-1004

What is Avianca's customer support email?

Today, multiple customer support options are provided by many Airlines to their commuters. Avianca Airlines also provides the opportunity of calling their customer support team and sending an email to Avianca customer service. If you are thinking of 'How do I email to Avianca?' read on to know more.

How to email Avianca Airline customer support?

  • Open any internet browser of your taste and reach the official website of Avianca Airline.
  • Next, get to the bottom of the webpage and click on the ?Help? menu at the top of the page.
  • The new page that opens up is the Avianca customer support page. The details of Avianca customer service are mentioned here.
  • Look for the email address of the Avianca customer service team and write an email specifying your queries and concerns.
  • The customer service will reply to you in a few days to assist you with your concerns.

You can also call Avianca customer support if you need immediate assistance with your concerns.

What services are provided by the Avianca representatives?

  • Book the Avianca flights for destinations located domestically or in international regions.
  • Change or cancel your flights to align with the schedule of the air travel plan.
  • Upgrade the flights with the assistance of the live person of Avianca airlines.
  • Use the award points offered by Avianca frequent flyer program correctly.
  • Amend the details of the customer in the flight booking of this airline.
  • Make group reservations for your flights through the assistance of Avianca.
  • Receive the information about cheap flights and reserve your flight.

When a customer uses the method given above, anyone can connect with the support team of Avianca to get in touch with Avianca Airlines and use help regarding the services of this airline. You can obtain details from the Avianca customer service team by using an alternative method. Here, the best method is to use the social media service available 24/7/365 to provide assistance to all its customers.

Does Avianca charge for baggage?

Passengers are often worried about the excess baggage fee, therefore it is one of the first things that they make sure of before packing for their flights. The excess baggage fee can make a hole in your pocket. It is, therefore, necessary to check the baggage allowances released by the respective airline to save oneself from the massive excess baggage fee. Get the answers of does Avianca charge for Baggage?

How much does Avianca charge for extra baggage?

There is no baggage charge collected by Avianca airlines as far as standard baggage is concerned.   

  • Avianca allows passengers to take with them one or two pieces of checked baggage.
  • Passengers can also carry one piece of a carry-on bag with them on their journey.
  • 1 personal item is also permitted on Avianca airlines flights. 

Travelers can refer to the official Avianca airlines website to gather information related to extra baggage fees. Passengers need to pay USD 100 for the first extra baggage exceeding the permitted baggage allowance by the airline. 

The maximum checked baggage for Avianca airlines economy class is 23 kgs and travelers have to pay the excess baggage charge if this limit exceeds. 

Passengers can take a maximum of 32 kgs with them if traveling in the Business class reservation at Avianca airlines.

Know about the Avianca airlines complaint

Avianca airlines understand every situation of the passengers and allow you to file a complaint regarding the issue.

For this, you can file an Avianca complaints email using the simple steps given below:

  • First, you are required to visit the Avianca airlines official website at any search portal of your device.
  • Then, you need to select the complaint and suggestion option available on the website.
  • At there, you need to choose the continue button and obtain the complaint form.
  • You can add the relevant details in the form and add your complaint subject in the given area.
  • Once you submit the complete form, Avianca airlines will review the request and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • They will also send you the resolution after get how do I make a complaint at Avianca?on your provided contact details.

Learn important points of Avianca airlines Covid policy:

Once you reserve the seat with Avianca airlines, you can learn about the Covid policy before boarding the flight. Hence to grab about Avianca Covid policy, you can check the below points:

  • As per the Covid policy, passengers above the age of 18 must be vaccinated with both doses to board the flight.
  • If you have taken the one dose, you need to submit the Covid RT-PCR test online at the website of Avianca airlines.
  • If you have recently recovered from the Covid, you need to submit the negative RT-PCR report with the recovery report. 
  • Children below the age of 3 are not required to take the Covid test.
  • Apart from this, if you have a negative report, it is mandatory to wear the mask for your entire journey, and your mask must cover your nose and mouth properly.

You can ask their customer service team for more knowledge regarding the complaint and Covid policy. They will help you to find all the details in less time.

Get about Avianca refund policy 

Avianca Airlines is a trusted airline by the customer. The passengers love all the services which are provided by Avianca Airlines. The cooperation of the staff with the passengers is worth giving them a chance. 

If you decided to travel with Avianca airlines, but you had to cancel the flight due to some uncertainty, and now you are wondering, "How long does it take for Avianca to refund?" Then this article is made for you. Follow this page to know everything about Avianca's refund policy.

Learn more about Avianca's refund policy

  • According to the Avianca refund policy, the refund is to be made by filling out the official refund request form or by calling the customer care representative of Avianca Airlines. You can also apply for a refund when canceling your flight.
  • If you want to access the full refund, you are advised to cancel the flight within 24- hours of purchasing your flight ticket.
  • After the risk-free period, which is 24-hours after booking the flight, you will be levied the cancellation charges if you cancel any of your airline's bookings.
  • It might take 7-10 business days to get your refund if you booked the ticket with a credit card and 7-20 working days if you booked your flight ticket with cash/cheque.

However, if there is some delay, you can contact the human operator at Avianca Airlines or check your payment interface. 

Avianca LifeMiles contact number

If you are searching for the Avianca LifeMiles contact number, then there are the following best ways that you can get the number. To learn about all the various methods, you have to read the article till the end and follow all the mentioned steps to get the contact number; below are the following that clear all the misconceptions and fix the problem. 

  • Process to get contact number:-

If you want to know about the lifemile of Avianca airline, then there are many ways that you can use and get the contact number. Below are the following steps that you have to follow to get the Avianca LifeMiles contact number:-

  • Through the chat option-

Firstly, you have to access the official website and search for the live chat options; when you get the tab, click on that and start the conversation with them to get the contact number. 

  • Via the phone number of customer support-

Through contact number, you can use that to connect with customer services and get the number of Avianca LifeMiles. Below are the following step:-

  1. Initially, you have to access the airline's official website and then search for the contact us option. 
  2. Now, get the contact number of the customer representative, and follow all the instructions to get the lifemiles phone number. 
  3. Lastly, you will get the Avianca LifeMiles contact number +57 3114006797 and then connect with them.

May all the information mentioned above regarding Avianca LifeMiles contact number assist you in getting the number. If there are any other issues, then you can directly connect with a real person from the airline.

Get Vianca Colombia phone number support:

Barranquilla 60 5 330-2030
Cali 60 2 321-3434
Bogota 60 1 401-3434
Medellin 60 4 444-3434
Delayed, lost or damaged baggage

01 8000958722

Toll Free 018000-953434

How can I visit Avianca service offices?

Vianca has customer service centers around the world so you can visit service office or contact phone numbers wherever you need them.

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