Does Avianca require a Covid test?

Is a Covid test required to fly with Avianca?

Amid Covid, many airlines have made some amendments in their policies. If you are flying with Avianca Airlines, you should be aware of the changes implemented in the airlines. If you have completed full vaccination for Covid, you are free to fly with Avianca Airlines. However, many people wonder about does Avianca requires a Covid test? The answer depends on the destination you are traveling to. Here are some guidelines provided by Avianca Airlines to travel during Covid times.

Important guidelines of Avianca Airlines during Covid 

If you are willing to make reservations with Avianca Airlines in the coming days, you need to know all the important points before making the reservations with Avianca.

  • You need to carry a vaccination certificate that states you have taken both doses of the Covid vaccine.
  • You don't need a Covid test for most of the destinations covered by Avianca Airlines. However, you may need to show a negative PCR report to fly to certain destinations.
  • If you have recently recovered from Covid, you can travel with Avianca Airlines, but you need to show a recovery certificate while booking the ticket.
  • If you have made the reservation with the airline in advance but have tested positive for Covid, you can't travel with Avianca Airlines. However, you can change the flight starting and showing a positive Covid report.
  • You need to wear a face mask that should properly cover your nose and chin. You can remove the mask only at the time of eating or drinking. Children below the age of 2 years are exempted from wearing a mask.

Do I need a Covid test to fly with Avianca Airlines?

So, these are some important guidelines you need to know before making the reservations with Avianca Airlines. If you still want to know, do I need a Covid test to fly with Avianca Airlines? You can contact the customer service of Avianca Airlines for any support. They will provide you with information regarding the Covid test depending on the destination you are traveling to.

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