Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

How can you cancel Volaris Airlines?

Volaris Airlines is reputed to be the most cost-effective airline in South America. They have well-organized customer services as well. Volaris Airlines allows its customers to cancel their flights according to the terms of their cancellation policy. If you understand Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy, then you can cancel your ticket without any hassle. They provide you a refund if you timely cancel their booking. The method of booking is a trouble-free task, and so is the process of cancellation. You can follow the given direction to understand the cancellation policy of Volaris Airlines:

Cancel your booking with Volaris Airlines- Terms and Conditions

  • If you notify Volaris within 24 hours of booking a ticket, you will get a refund if you cancel your flight either by electronic means or at the airport facility.
  • If you notify Volaris Airlines after 24 hours, then you will not receive any refund.
  • If you have a domestic flight and it is scheduled to depart within 24 hours of booking, you can cancel your flight at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • You can cancel your booking through the customer care of the Volaris within 24 hours of booking.
  • If you don't comply with the terms and conditions of the policies, your request for the refund will not be active.
  • If you have purchased a ticket for a round trip, and you do not want to use the other part of the ticket and want to cancel it, Volaris Airlines does not allow you to cancel one segment of the ticket. You have to cancel your entire ticket.
  • When you cancel your flight, you will get a refund in the original form of payment that you used during the booking.
  • You will be required to present certain documents to cancel your booking, like the PNR number, your official ID, and your full name.

The terms and conditions of the cancellation policy are very rigid as compared to other Airlines. The most stringent provision of Volaris Airlines is that you can not cancel your booking after 24 hours of booking. While other Airlines have more lenient and customer-friendly policies, Volaris Airlines have chosen to stick with a tough policy. Do you want to know How long does a refund from Volaris take? Volaris Airlines takes almost seven business days if you have made the payment from your credit card. But if the mode of payment is different, then it can take up to 20 days.

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