How to get Latam Airlines Group Booking?

Make your Latam airlines group booking at discounts!

Latam airlines provide flight at a low cost to their passengers, and you can enjoy all the services online at their official website. Traveling in groups gives you new excitement to enjoy your journey and vacation to the fullest. You can get Latam airlines group booking deals for your preferred location. Latam airlines provide special and unique rates for their flights to group passengers. To make the group booking, you need to fill the online form and grab the deal. You can read further and find all details related to Latam group traveling and restrictions.

General information of Latam group booking:

To get the deals and discounts for your group journey, you need to check some terms and conditions, which is provided below:

  • Group reservations must be consist of 10 passengers, and it can be made through the website of Latam airlines and not with the travel agencies.
  • There must be a group leader who can make the booking, and Latam airlines will send any notification.
  • The name of the group must be inserted correctly in the form to avoid any hassles and duplicacy.
  • Group travel must apply with the fare regulations during all the booking, which will depend on the type of ticket and destination.
  • You can reserve a seat for non-stop flights on group booking and enjoy the travel with Latam airlines.
  • There must be one adult on every four minors in the group to take their minor passengers on the board who will be 7-11 years old. There will be one escort on every 20 minors to accompany the minors.
  • If there will be any disabled passenger in the travel, then the same travel requirements will be applicable as individual passengers. 
  • It is mandatory to add the group leader's contact details for notification, destination cities, and other information. 
  • If you need to make changes to your group booking, you need to contact the customer service of Latam airways 24 hours before the departure.
  • You need to reach the airport prior to departure to check your itinerary, baggage and get the boarding pass.

Key features of Latam airlines group booking:

Once you get the general information you need to keep in mind for group traveling, you can also understand some benefits. Following are the detailed information about Latam Airlines group Booking: 

  • In group travel, you can quote your own price to board the flight, and Latam airlines will reserve your seat with one price for all.
  • On a group flight, you will get a separate zone in the flight as per your choice so that you can enjoy your journey.
  • You will also get the special requirements of luggage and check-in at the airport. Each passenger in the group is allowed to carry the baggage as per the rules of Latam airlines.
  • You can book the complimentary food on the flight as per the needs of each passenger in the journey.
  • You will get more flexibility on the travel, as you can also add more passengers seven days before the departure.
  • You can book your group travel and pay some amount to reserve the seat and pay the balance later.

You can also upgrade the flight for the group without any extra charges.

You can also get in touch with someone at Latam airlines and speak to their representative. They will provide you with Latam airlines group booking discounts and help you to book the seat. You can find out all the contact details on their help section like call, chat, email, or social media. Once you connect with them, you need to provide all your requirements to them, and they are 24 hours available for guidance.

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