How much does it cost to change a flight LATAM?

How much does LATAM charge to change flights?

If travelers want to get, their flight tickets changed that were booked on LATAM Airlines and want to ask questions regarding How much does it cost to change a flight LATAM? They have to first go through the policies of the airline. LATAM is a Brazilian airline that renders all the provinces to its passengers. If the passengers are willing to change their flight ticket and want to know the cost of the flight change, they can follow the steps those are given below:

Here are the policies of LATAM Airlines:

Those passengers who are not aware of the policies of the airline regarding the flight change and latam change flight fee can follow the steps that are explained in the given section. 

The ticket changes fees and refund fees: 


Domestic routes

Ticket change fees Fare refund fees With LATAM Pass Miles
Within Brazil USD 60 USD 65 6.000 miles
Within Chile USD 40 USD 60 5.700 miles
Within Colombia USD 25 USD 30 2.800 miles
Within Ecuador USD 15 USD 25 2.400 miles
Within Peru USD 16 USD 60 5.700 miles



International routes

Ticket change fees: Fare refund fees: Fare refund fees:
Between South American countries USD 75 USD 100 9.400 miles
Between South America and 
the United States
USD 200 USD 250 23.400 miles
Other international flights USD 150 USD 200 18.800 miles


LATAM change flight policies:

  • According to LATAM's change flight policies, passengers must change their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking; there will be no charges for the flight change.
  • After 24 hours of reservation, if passengers try to change their flight tickets, there will be some fees that they have to pay to the airline.
  • The flight ticket charges depend on the type of flight tickets that passengers have reserved with LATAM.
  • The charges for changing flight tickets start from $75 to $100 according to the flight tickets reserved by the passengers. 
  • If there is any no-show case by the airline, they will be charged the flight change prices. 
  • Travelers who are an elite members of LATAM Airlines will not pay any fees for their flight changes. 
  • The changes can be made five to six hours before the departure flight time. 
  • If the flight tickets were less in price at the time of reservation but now have increased, they have to pay the raised amount of the flight tickets. 

The process to change the flight tickets:

Once the passengers have gone through latam ticket change fee and airline policies, they can follow the steps to change their flight tickets on LATAM. The process re as follows:

  • Open the official website of LATM Airlines.
  • Search for the ‘manage booking’ section on the home screen.
  • After that entered, the PNR information on the dashboard appeared on the screen. 
  • Next, select ‘change flight’ section from the option mentioned on the given lists. 
  • Now, you will have to change the date from the given details on the new page. Enter the next date when you want to travel to your dream destination.
  • Click on the ‘change’ button. The flight tickets will get changed by LATAM airlines, and they will notify you by sending the mail or message.
  • If there are any charges to change the flight tickets, you have to pay them to the airline. 
  • Also, connect with your travel agents, who have reserved your flight tickets. Ask them to change your flight tickets to another date. 

How much does LATAM charge to change flights?

If passengers want to change their flight tickets and want to know the changing fees, they can follow the steps given above. If you are not able to understand the process, try to reach out to the live executive of LATAM Airways, and ask for help from them. 

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