How long does LATAM take to refund?

How long does LATAM take to refund?

You'll be able to get the refund within one to twenty days from the day you have claimed. Make it certain that you have read all the refund policies. You'll make sure be able to make your ticket refundable. You can claim the refund only by getting it on the official website of Latam Airways. However, if a travel agency creates your booking, you need to connect with them, and they'll make the changes for you. 

Refund policy: 

If you want to ask or have a question in your mind on 'How long does LATAM take to refund?' Then go through all the details provided below. After that, you'll get the answer to all the questions. 

  • If you made the payment for your booking through a credit card, you would receive the refund within seven business days. However, if you made the booking through cash, you will get the refund within twenty business days. 
  • You must fill out the form within twenty-four hours of the changes or the booking made. 
  • To make your ticket refundable, ensure that you have made the cancellation within twenty-four hours of booking and the booking was made at least seven days before the flight's departure date. 

If your flight were canceled by the airline, you'd get a refund of the total investment you have made. 

The procedure of to claim the refund of Latam: 

  • You need to gain access to the Latam Airlines website. 
  • In the search bar, write "Refund form." 
  • You'll see the direct link to the form. 
  • That is it. Fill out the form. 
  • Make sure that you have attached the relevant documents. 
  • You can submit the form. 
  • After submitting the form, you'll receive the refund in the account. 

So, if you had a doubt on How long does it take to get your Latam flight refunded? then seven days is all you need to wait. You must ensure you have walked through the steps above to claim the refund. Then you'll be able to get the refund directly in the bank account.

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