How long does it take to get through customs in the Bahamas?

How long does it take to get through customs in the Bahamas?

If you are going to the Bahamas, then you must be aware of their customs norms. Every passenger wants a hassle-free journey, but they are unfamiliar with the items they must carry. They often get late in the process. You must gather information related to customs before you depart for your destination. Most people face trouble as they have no information about the customs. There can be two scenarios one when you arrive at the Bahamas airport and the other when you are departing from the Bahamas.

In both scenarios, it will take different times:

  • If you are arriving in the Bahamas, then you do not have to spend enough time on the custom check. It will roughly take 20 minutes for you to get through customs.
  • But, if you depart from the Bahamas for the United States of America, it will take almost 02 to 03 hours to get through customs.

Do you have to go through customs coming from the Bahamas?

A person must get through the customs. Whenever one crosses a territory, they have to provide their documents and check themselves, so they do not carry any objects, foods, or items that are prohibited in that country. Whether you are arriving in the Bahamas or departing from the Bahamas, you must go through customs. The security agency of the Bahamas will check whether you have brought any prohibited object or not. You must check at the customs as it is not optional but mandatory.

What is allowed through Bahamas Customs?

The Bahamas allow you to carry certain products. You can have many items with you. They permit the following items in the Bahamas:

  • You can import items up to the value of $100. You are not allowed to carry items that are worth over $ 100.
  • You can carry local currency only before the Central Bank Of Bahamas approves.
  • There are no such restrictions on the amount of foreign currency you can carry.
  • Prohibited items like drugs are not allowed inside the country.
  • You can carry fruits, vegetables, foods, printing items, paintings, books, cards, etc.

It is mandatory to get yourself checked at customs. You must spend at least 20 minutes at the customs if you have not carried any prohibited items. You must be familiar with the things that are not allowed at the custom. If you depart from the Bahamas for the U.S.A, it will take around two to three hours.

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