How long does it take to get a refund from Volaris?

Volaris refund process and policies

Have you canceled your volaris ticket or volaris has canceled your flight, and you don't know what to do next? You can fill out a refund request form and get a refund. This refund is provided to the passengers only in some cases. You might be wondering  How long does it take to get a refund from Volaris? Read this page completely and know about all the cancellation fees, refund processes, and policies. 

Who are eligible for a refund?

Airlines do provide a refund for a canceled or missed ticket to their passengers, but only under some situations, which are listed below:

  • If a flight ticket is canceled within twenty-four hours after making the reservation 
  • If the flight ticket was missed or canceled because of a mistake from the airline.
  • When a passenger misses the Volaris flight because of the first flight from volaris only.
  • Death or illness of a passenger
  • If a passenger missed a flight because of a natural calamity.

How to cancel a flight and request a refund from the airline?

The flight cancelation and refund process for airlines are very easy. One can do it online as well as offline. If you want to learn the process, then read the steps given below:

Online process: to get a refund for a canceled ticket online, the very first step is to download the application of Volaris on your mobile phone and then follow the steps:

  • Log in to the account from the same ID you booked your flight ticket.
  • Then go to "my bookings" and enter the booking number to search for the flight ticket.
  • Click on the ticket and check whether you are eligible for cancellation; if yes, click on "cancel" and enter your reason for cancellation.
  • Then fill out the refund request form and click on "submit."

Hence your flight ticket is canceled, and you have requested a refund. Do not forget to check your email ID for the confirmation mail.

Offline process: you can cancel the flight ticket by calling the airline's reservation department. The contact number for the reservation department is mentioned on the airline's official website. Dial the number on your mobile phone, Share the required details and ask an agent to cancel the booking. Fill out the refund request form sent by mail. And your booking is canceled, and your refund is in process.

After filling out the form, are you thinking about Does Volaris have a cancellation fee? Then the answer is yes. To avoid the cancellation fee, try to cancel the flight ticket within the given time only. The refund might take up to 7 to 10 days to reflect in your bank account.

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