How Early Should You Book for Best Value

How Early Should You Book for Best Value?

Planning a well-deserved trip and trying to book the cheapest flight can be frustrating for even experienced travelers. So to know about How early should you book for best value?  and when to buy a ticket can make you the master of travel. Price of flight changes on an average of 4.5 hours which means flight fare is all about timings. It is normally advised to not book too early or too late.

According to research, it is found that the lowest airfare occurs around 70 days before departure, travelers can save up to 48% on the ticket price if they book during this time. The exact day is to have the cheapest air price is 54 days before the departure.

It is recommended to book during the “prime booking window” which is usually between three to four months prior to departure. Note that flight fare starts increasing drastically around 20 days prior to flight as people scramble to book the last-minute flight. Usually, the worst purchase is one or two days prior

There are other ways to save money on flights as well though certain destinations will always be going to be more expensive and in-demand than others but there are numerous tricks and tips to save money on air price no matter where you are going

Using reward points- 

sign up for reward points is one of the most simple ways to save huge on travel especially when you travel on a budget. So make sure you take the help of reward points through the preferred airline as well.

  • Prefer not to fly on popular days-

The most expensive day to travel is Sunday so if you travel on a weekday it can save you hundreds. That is the reason researching ahead of time with complete price comparisons for itineraries is important.

  • Having flexibility-

when you are traveling on a budget trip be open to shifting your flight days or time a bit, as a result, it would save you a lot of money. Many times cheap fare is as easy as leaving the day prior to your trip.

  • Seasonal change-

The season can also impact the time and fare of the flight. Summer is one the most popular time for Americans to travel so it is recommended to have summer flights as early. August and September are regarded as the best time to book flights whereas fall gives good value for leisure travel. One can find reasonable prices in the fall. Christmas and New Year's time can be a bit heavy in your pocket and do not buy a ticket during that time of the year.

How far in advance can you book flights for 2022?

Flight changes can be frequent. One should hop on when you see a low price and do not wait for the price to get reduced further. By Subscribing to the airline's newsletter one can know the latest flight deals and offers or you can also dial to customer care service on the particular airline you wish to travel on to get the best price on a flight. “prime booking window” can always give to flights at a cheaper rate.

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