How can I upgrade My Seat From Economy to Business in Lot Polish Airlines?

Upgrade Seat From Economy to Business in Lot Polish Airlines

Have a reservation with the Lot Polish Airlines in Economy class to fly for long hours, and now you are looking to upgrade the seat to business class. You have seen such a difference in the business and economy class services and comfort. But the issue is you don't know about How Do I Upgrade My Seat From Economy to Business in Lot Polish Airlines? So, here in this, you will learn about the methods of upgrading the seat, but before this, you will know how the economy class differs from the business class. So, to know about it, go through the content. 

How is economy class seats differ from business class seats?

In Business Class, you sit in the front and revel in a flat seat. The seat pitch is 80 inches, and the other configuration is 2-2-2. And on the other hand, In Premium Economy, you'll discover a much simpler 2-3-2 design with reclining seats with a seat pitch of 38 inches. The service on board is also very different. Also, the business class has comfier seats than the economy class. Thus, If you plan your business class trip, you can explore a more inclusive best meal service.

Methods of upgrading the seat at Lot Polish Airlines

Here are the two ways by which you easily upgrade the seats from economy to business class. For that, you need to go through the following methods and steps that are:

Through the website, upgrade Lot Polish Airlines seats: 

  • You need to open Lot Polish Airlines on your search engine. 
  • Then, find the Manage booking on the home page and click on that option
  • You will find the "booking reference" and "surname" columns. Fill out the details.
  • Click on the "next" tab. And, on the next page, you will see all the details of your booking.
  • Then, there you will see the upgrade the seat option. Go for a seat upgrade
  • Remove the seat from the economy class and select the seat in business class 
  • Save it and continue the steps and go to the payment section 
  • You can pay the seat upgrading fees as per your available source.
  • Further, you will get a notification regarding your seats upgrading with Lot Polish

Via customer service, upgrade Lot Polish Airlines seats:

Go to the customer service page of Lot Polish Airlines. Choose Select the contact number (212) 789-0970 as per your choice. Then, by calling the Lot customer service person, request for the seat upgrade from economy class to Business class. The airline person will ask for information, send them and pay the charges for seat upgrading. After that, you will receive a notification.

Hence, if you want to upgrade seats, the best time to upgrade flight seats From Economy to Business in Lot Polish is how early you can upgrade your seats is good. It will help you in choosing the seats as per your preference.

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