How do I redeem my Aer Lingus voucher?

How do I redeem my Aer Lingus voucher?

Aer Lingus provides the customers with domestic as well as international flights to different destinations around the world. The airlines also give refund vouchers as well as gift vouchers to their frequent customers. Make sure to go through all the options to save your hard-earned money, as people always get confused and have the query How do I redeem my Aer Lingus voucher? But you don't have to worry about it anymore, as the process to redeem the Aer Lingus voucher is explained here. The airlines wish to ease the booking process and redeem vouchers for their passengers.

The process to redeem your Aer Lingus Voucher

All you need to do is visit the official website for Aer Lingus to redeem your voucher for a new booking. The steps you have to follow after that are as follows:

  • Get onto the airline's official website and tap on the search bar.
  • Proceed to log into your account and choose the voucher option to make the flight ticket payment. 
  • Fill out all the details asked and the date, time, and destination on which you wish to travel.
  • Click on the voucher option to redeem the voucher for payment, and type the voucher number given to you.
  • After that, click further to redeem the voucher and complete the booking process. 
  • You'll receive the confirmation in your mail that the booking process is completed.

Validation period of refund Vouchers

The voucher issued by the Aer Lingus is valid up to five years from the date of its issue. The passenger can redeem the voucher for a single flight only. The voucher cannot be reused for different purposes, and you can only use the voucher for a single booking or refreshment and shopping.

Where do I find my Aer Lingus voucher?

You are required to log in to your account after getting onto the airline's official website. And have to go through to find the voucher available and issue it to your account. The refund can be issued as a gift voucher or a refund voucher on the cancellation of your flight ticket.

How to contact Aer Lingus for a refund voucher?

Contact Number- There are many ways to contact the customer services agent regarding the refund voucher, but the most opted one is the customer service number. 

  • Dial the customer service executive number and follow the IVR instruction, after which the customer care executive will get in touch with you
  • Once the executive gets connected to you, you have to recite them your voucher number, after which they will tell you the necessary details related to your vouchers.

Live Chat- There are other ways to get in touch with the customer care executive of the airlines to enquire about the refund voucher.

  • Get onto the official website of the Aer Lingus and scroll down to get onto the 'Help center' page. 
  • Once getting onto the help center page, scroll down and click on the chat icon on the website's bottom right corner. 
  • Follow the auto-generated process to let them know about the voucher-related query.
  • After which, the customer care executive will get in touch with you and provide you with all the required details related to the refund voucher.

You can find the Aer Lingus voucher helpline on the official website or directly by searching it on the browser. And follow the above-listed process to know the ways to redeem and find the voucher you receive from Aer Lingus.

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