How to claim Lufthansa compensation?

How do I complain to Lufthansa?

If you have complaints about Lufthansa flights or are unhappy with any other aspect of its service, there are a few different ways to make your voice heard. Lufthansa takes customer complaints seriously and has a dedicated team to handle them. The team wants to know about your complaint and provide solutions to resolve it. 

In case you don't know about how do I complain to Lufthansa? There are various ways. You will learn about them in the content below, so let's start. 

Different ways to complaint to Lufthansa:

  • Complaint via the contact form
  1. One way to Complain to Lufthansa is by filling out an online feedback and contact form on the official website. 
  2. You can get this form under the contact section on the site.
  3. Using the contact form, you can share the details about your complaint and other flight information. You can also attach the relevant document or photos to support your complaint. 
  • By calling the Lufthansa complaint department 
  1. You can also call the Lufthansa complaint department number 1 (800) 645-3880 or +1-802-341-3406 (quick assistance) and speak to the agent about your queries.
  2. When you call the agent, be ready with the flight information and other details complaint details
  3. Once the agent is available, you can share the issue, and the representative will do their best to resolve the issue 
  • Via email :
  1. You can also email Lufthansa complaints email id on the contact us page to share your complaint.
  2. Create an email, type your message, and you can send it to the complaint email id of Lufthansa 
  3. Attach any relevant document related to the complaint and flight information to speed up the process

The way to complaints at Latam: 

If you don't get any resolution via these options above, share a direct message to the airline on its social media pages. You can also tweet Lufthansa by tagging the concerned department and communicating the issue to get an immediate response. 

Overall, there are a few different ways to complain to Lufthansa. Whether you fill out a feedback form, call the complaint department, or use other mediums to complain, Lufthansa is committed to addressing your concerns and helping you find a resolution. Moreover, if you still wonder, how do I complain to Lufthansa? You can share your feedback with us in the box below.

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