How do I claim compensation from Aer Lingus?

How do I claim compensation from Aer Lingus?

Need help? Now you can claim compensation if your Aer Lingus flight is delayed or cancelled 

Did your flight cancel, or is it taking longer to arrive? Well, don't panic. Having reservations with Aer Lingus, the airline takes full responsibility in case of any delay or cancellation. The airline ensures you get your money back through a refund or compensation whenever a situation arises.

However, you can also claim compensation at your end, and it's quite an easy process. In case you are not aware, how do I make a complaint to Aer Lingus? You can claim it online or by calling the Aer Lingus support team. To discover complete details, you can keep reading the information below.

How to claim compensation from Aer Lingus? 

Aer Lingus provides you compensation when your scheduled flight is delayed or cancelled. When your flight is disrupted, the airline tries to provide you with an alternate flight option, so your travel doesn't get affected. If you don't find it ok, you can either claim a refund or compensation. If you don't know how to claim compensation, follow some simple steps below.

Easy steps to claim compensation from Aer Lingus

  • Go to the official website of Aer Lingus using any of the regular browsers
  • Now click on the support link under the help and support section at the bottom of the page 
  • On the support page, click on request and inquiries 
  • Now under refund request, go to the claim compensation section and access the form
  • Doing this, you jump to the post-travel inquiry page 
  • You need to fill in all the details in the form on-screen and upload the supportive documents
  • Click on the submit button to share the form
  • The Aer Lingus team will review your form and provide you required compensation soon.

So following the procedure above and using the Aer Lingus compensation form, you can claim your compensation easily. Besides, if you find it difficult, you can also speak to the Aer Lingus support team and request them to claim compensation on your behalf. 

Claim compensation by calling Aer Lingus 

  • Go to the official site of Aer Lingus and copy the reservation number from the support page 
  • Dial the number on your mobile, and you can lest the call connect fits
  • Follow the IVR running on the other side and choose the most appropriate query 
  • Listen to the instruction carefully, and soon; you will get a live agent option
  • You can wait for a live agent to come, and once connected, you can share the query
  • You can provide the confirmation number, and flight number of the flight cancelled to ask for compensation
  • The executive will verify your details and process the compensation soon

In this way, you can connect with an Aer Lingus representative via phone and ask for compensation for a Cancelled flight. Besides, in case you want a refund, you can also use the same online procedure explained above and share the refund request form for further process.

Reading the information above, you must be clear about how to claim compensation for Aer Lingus. Besides, if you have any doubt or need additional information, you can speak to the Aer Lingus support team anytime.

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