How do I call Latam Airlines from the US?

Are you looking to contact Latam Airlines in the US? Latam Airlines is the brand name of the airline's domain which is headquartered in Santiago, Chile. The airline is considered the largest & most popular airline in Latin America. With so much popularity of the airline, it is obvious that customers get around the world to plan the trip. But it is a really frustrating situation when the customer is from the US and is required to contact customer support.

Different ways to contact Latam Airlines from the US:

If you are a passenger residing in the US and dealing with the question "How do I call Latam airlines from the US?" We get to consider the answer to this question in the below-mentioned instructions:

Contacting via phone:

  • Dial the official customer service number of Latam airlines from the US.
  • On getting connected on a call, you are required to select the language according to your preference & suitability.
  • After completion of the second step, you are required to hear the automated "Live Instructions" regarding various doubts.
  • Simultaneously your call gets redirected to the live person.

Contacting Via live chat:

  • In the first step, customers are required to visit the official website of Latam Airlines.
  • After going through the official support page, you are required to scroll down the menu continuously till you reach the "Contact us" section.
  • Enter in this section, and you find the option of "Chat with us.
  • Click that option, and you get automatically redirected to the live person.

Contacting via Email:

In case the above-mentioned modes are not working, then the customers should go for the official Email conversation. There are two ways of sending mail to the customer service department one is on official ID, or the other through following the pointers carefully:

  • In the first step, customers are required to visit the official website of Latam airlines.
  • Scroll down the menu until you get to see the contact us section of the support page.
  • Enter in the section, and you find the option of "Email us" click out the option, and the mailbox gets opened in front of you.
  • Now you can write your query in the provided mailbox besides giving your personal details.
  • Finally, click out on the "Submit" button, which is on the support page.
  • Your mail gets redirected to the management.

After reading out the detailed instructions regarding "Latam airlines customer service", in case if you have further doubts& queries, then you should go through the official support page of the airline to get proper information.

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