Emirates Seat Selection

Emirates Seat Selection

Emirates is one of the customer-centric airlines that ensures a confirmation and beautiful journey. As the seats are a very important aspect of making your trip comfortable and smooth, the airline allows you to choose your desired seat. 

In case you don't know 'How to Select a Seat on Emirates Airlines? You can select the desired seat on Emirates during booking, after booking, and before boarding. However, if you don't make any selection, the airline offers you randomly available seats. The article below provides further information; walk through it to stay educated and updated. 

Follow the steps below to select seats in the Emirates. 

  • Go to the official Emirates website using a web browser 
  • Under the section 'Manage,' click on 'Choose your seats.' 
  • Now locate your reservation by entering your booking reference number and last name 
  • Once you have retrieved your booking, navigate to the seat selection feature.
  • You can select the preferred seat from the 'Seat Map' on the screen 
  • Depending on the seat type and cabin class, you will be prompted to pay for the selected seats 
  • Once you have made the seat selection and paid the associated fees, review the selection to ensure it is correct
  • Follow prompt instructions on the screen, and you will soon receive a confirmation email 

The seat selection policy of the Emirates 

  • Emirates Airlines allows its passengers to select their preferred seats at the time of booking, later via 'Manage booking,' and during check-in. 
  • If you have booked in Economy Class, you can select seats between regular seats and extra legroom seats. 
  • For Business Class tickets, Emirates offers a spacious and luxurious experience. You can select individual pods or seats convertible into fully flat beds, ensuring passengers' maximum comfort and privacy throughout the journey. 
  • As a First Class passenger, you can enjoy the luxury and exclusive access to private suites. You also have the privilege of complimentary seat selection and enhancing the travel experience.
  • Some seats are for free in Emirates; however, seats like extra legroom seats and other preferred seats are paid. You can check the terms and conditions of your ticket to make the seat selection smooth and stress-free. 
  • Note that seat selections are subject to availability and are limited to those who have not made any selections during the booking. You can still choose your seats at the check-in counter at the airport. 

Emirates seat selection fee 

Emirates Airlines applies a seat selection fee for certain seats and cabin classes. The Emirates seat selection fee ranges between $ 15 to $ 250 based on various factors. Besides Economy Class, regular seats are available without an additional fee, whereas extra legroom seats might come with a fee based on factors like flight duration and seat location. Business Class passengers can enjoy their complimentary seat selection and choose their preferred seats at no extra charge. First Class passengers also get the option for complimentary seat selection. 


Going through the detailed information above, hopefully, you got clarity about the Emirates seat selection policy, process, and associated fee. You can now easily make your seat selection with Emirates anytime. For more information and other details, speak to the Emirates agent directly, or you can also visit the website.

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