Does Easyjet charge for special assistance?

Does Easyjet charge for special assistance?

If you are thinking, does Easyjet charge for special assistance? Then the answer is no, the special assistance at the airport is free of cost. The special assistants are those who are airline employee that provides to the passengers. If you are traveling with a disabled person or want to book assistance, then you need to know some information regarding this. Below are the following mentioned; read the article carefully till the end. 

How to book special assistance from the airline:

This is the most straightforward way that you can do to book assistance for someone; follow the below-mentioned methods:-

  • Initially, when you have completed your flight booking, then move to the required special assistance option.
  • There you can book the wheelchair or any other assistance, then you need to provide them with all with the documents that are necessary, and they submit that. 
  • Lastly, you have to make the payment that is applied to your flight ticket. 

Moreover, if you are booking special assistance, then you need to inform the airport before the flight, and the minimum time will be 72 hours or more in some airports, and for the other airport, they need you to inform them 48 hours prior to the flight. That can also be best to verify the range of special assistance services that provided by the carrier. 

Special assistance is free:-

If you think that the is special assistance free? Then yes, you can get assistance free of cost at the airport, you can book them when you book the flight ticket, or you can directly contact the customer services of the airline to get the special assistance. There are methods that you can take to get in contact with them and book assistance for your family member or any other passengers that are needed. If there is any emergency, then you can get assistance from the airline at the same time without any cost. 

May all the information that is mentioned above will be helpful and beneficial for you. If you face any problem while booking, then you can directly contact the airline representative to fix all the issues and manage to get the assistance for disabled passengers. 

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