Do I need a Covid test to fly LATAM?

Do I need a Covid test to fly LATAM?

LATAM Airlines is a flag carrier of South America, having headquarters in Chile. Latam is a 3-star airline with destinations presents around the American continent. 

If you wish to fly through Latam and are concerned about it, do I need a covid test to fly LATAM? The answer might vary depending on the destination you are flying to. If your destination needs a Covid test result, you might need it; else, there is no need. You will discover the detailed information once you read the content below.

Travel guidelines post covid of Latam airlines 

Here you can go through the travel guideline of Latam Airlines below. Make sure to go through them before flying. The guidelines clear all your doubts and guide you on the trip. In addition to this, you can always speak to a Latam Airlines representative if you need additional information.

Travel Requirements

Every destination, in case it is international, may have guidelines that need to be followed. Some countries may demand a covid test report and also a vaccination certificate.

In some cases traveling within a domestic destination may require a covid test report. In case you want to check if the covid test is mandatory or not, you may visit the official website of Latam Airlines and can check if the covid test is required or not for your destination. Read all the instructions carefully before purchasing a ticket.

If you have already made a purchase, Latam recommends keeping yourself updated before your flight. If you have a connecting flight, you should go through all the covid guidelines of your connecting flight. If you have In case, regardless of your destination, the airline always encourages you to wear your mask and follow proper covid guidelines before boarding the flight.

Health Forms

If your destination requires a covid test report and other supporting documents, you should use Latam Airlines ready to fly service available on their official website. To do so, visit the official website of Latam airlines. Click on ready to fly service link and follow the under mentioned steps:-

  • Select your preferred language.
  • Send your flight details to their virtual assistance on their WhatsApp business account.
  • Documents required for the same are passport or identity card, mandatory health form, and covid test or vaccination certificate.
  • You will then receive a communication from Latam when you are ready to fly.


Latam Airlines also provides their customers with an option to demand a full refund or reschedule their flight at no extra cost if their flight gets cancelled or rescheduled. In this post covid era, this facility from the airline is a blessing in disguise. 

So going through the information above, you must be clear if Latam needs a covid test result or not. However, if you have any queries or doubts regarding your travel plans and covid tests-related guidelines, you can connect to LATAM Airlines customer service representatives anytime. Several contact options are available on the support page of Latam; you can use any of them to contact the airline.

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