Can you change your flight on Breeze?

How can you change your flight on Breeze?

Yes, Breeze Airways allows you to make changes in the booking if there is some typo or change in the plan. You can change the flight by visiting the My trip section on the Breeze Airways website, through Breeze Airways mobile app, or by calling the representative. Here is the detailed information; go through it to modify your booking. 

  • Change the Breeeze Airways flight online:
  1. On the homepage of Breeze Airways, go to the My Trip section 
  2. Enter the booking reference number and last name or log in using the email id and password 
  3. Select the flight you need to change, click on the change flight option 
  4. Make the selection of a new date/flight /destination, etc., and submit 
  5. Confirm the changes and pay for fare difference or change fee if applicable 
  6. Once your flight is changed, the airline sends you a confirmation email 
  • Change through the Mobile app:

It works the same way as the airline's official site; you can download the app. Open the app and sign in to your Breeze Airways account. Now locate my trip section, and you can follow the same process as online.

  • Change flight by calling the contact center:

You can also call the Breeze Airways representative and share your flight change request. Provide details required and confirm your preferences. The Breeze Airways representative will do the needful and make the changes on your behalf.

You can modify the ticket purchased through Breeze Airways directly using the options above. It is not applicable for third-party booking; contact the agent directly in that case.

Does Breeze charge to change flights?

Breeze Airways allows you to make changes free of cost if you complete the change formalities within 24 hours of booking. However, the change fee applies later if you make changes after 24 hours. 

The change fee generally varies from around $75 to $150, which can go up depending on the flight route, destination, ticket type, and fare type. So it is advised if you are looking forward to making the changes, do it within the approved time.

Breeze Airlines change flight policy

Breeze Airlines allow you to make the changes free of cost if the booking is made seven days before departure and you make the changes within 24 hours of booking. The airline changes the change fee after 24 hours, depending on several factors. 

You need to pay the fare difference if the new ticket is costlier than the old one. In contrast, if the new ticket is cheaper than the original one, you get a voucher or credit for the balance.

Breeze Airways allows you to make changes through the official site, contact center, airport, or mobile app. It is applicable for the tickets you purchase from the breeze airways directly. If you purchase a ticket through a third party, you need to contact the agent directly for any modification.

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