Can I get my money back from Aeromexico?

Can I get my money back from Aeromexico?

To get the money from Aeromexico back, you need first to make the changes or cancel your reservation. Once you have done that, you would need to fill-up the refund form. After that, I will say that you will get the refund directly in your account. Refunds will be given to you through the bank transfer in the account you made the payment. However, you can even receive a refund in the form of vouchers or gift cards. 

Suppose you made the booking through a third party. Then you would need to connect with them for the cancellation and even for the refund. 

You can even take assistance from the customer support team of Aeromexico. They will make sure that your issue can I get my money back from Aeromexico? is quickly resolved without any hassle. 

Procedure to make the cancellation or change to your booking. 

To make the cancellation or the change to your booking. You need to get on the website of Aeromexico. After that, you only need to follow the information given below. And then your issue will be quickly sorted.  

  • Get on the official website of Aeromexico. 
  • Once you’re there, you need to select the managed booking option. 
  • Now you need to mention the booking details. That is the booking reference number and the name of the passenger. Once you have entered it, then tap on the search button. 
  • Soon you’ll be able to find the option of cancellation. 
  • That is it. Now you only need to complete the process of cancellation. 

In the same manner, you’ll also find the option of making changes after making the changes or the cancellation. You’re going to receive a confirmation email on your account. You can keep the confirmation email safe for future reference. So, if you are wondering, “can I get my money back from Aeromexico?” then you would need to make sure that you have chosen the path laid down below. 

How can I claim the refund from Aeromexico? 

To claim the refund, you need to get it on the official website of Aeromexico. After that, fill-up the form for the refund. Once you have filled up the refund form, you’ll be able to receive the refund in a few business days. However, ensure that you have chosen the steps below. 

  • Get on the website of Aeromexico. 
  • Now you need to select the option of search. 
  • In the search bar, write “Refund Form.”
  • Now select the top link of refund. 

You only need to open the refund form link. After that, you’ll come across the form. You need to fill up the details of the refund. Now you can submit the form. Before submitting the refund form, make sure that you have attached the mandatory documents. 

  • Boarding pass. 
  • Photo ID. 

Once you have attached the documents mentioned above, you can submit the form. Now you’ll be eligible to get a refund. However, before you apply for the rebate, you need to make sure that you have gone through the refund policy of Aeromexico. 

Can I get a refund if I cancel my flight Aeromexico?

The refund policy of Aeromexico:

  • In case your flight has been cancelled by Aeromexico. Then you would be eligible for the total investment you have made. 
  • Make sure that you have filled the form within 24 hours of the changes or the cancellation made. 
  • In case you have made the changes and the cancellation within twenty-four hours of the booking you have made. Then you only need to follow the information below. 

The period of getting the refund from Aeromexico.

If you have a doubt in your mind about "how long does Aeromexico take to refund?"during application for a refund then you only need to wait for 7 to 10 working days. After that, in a short period, you’ll be able to get the refund you have been waiting to get.

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