can I get a refund for my avianca voucher?

Avianca Refund Voucher And Possibility Of Getting A Refund On It

Refund vouchers have existed for a long time. Since older times, people have developed the concept of returning sometime to customers/buyers telling them that it would hold equal value to their spent money and asking them to use it any time in the future, but on the same type of service, from the same service provider. In essence, a refund voucher saves both the customers and service providers from loss and gives them another chance to do good business, to strike a good deal.

Avianca Airlines is a celebrated airline and is always focused on keeping its customer base happy. Hence, it also gives out refund vouchers whenever they are needed. But if you or someone else is raising doubts like 'Can I get a refund for my Avianca voucher?' after reading, you will feel much relieved and clear in the head. 

Policies surrounding Avianca Refund Voucher 

If you want to use these vouchers, then keep in mind that:

  • You can not transfer an airline ticket refund voucher to anyone else. The airline will only utilize it for ticket reservations when the voucher holder himself reserves a ticket. 
  • The voucher is applicable to services related to flights; hence you may allow another passenger to use this voucher for purchasing such service, but they should be able to produce proof that the original voucher holder approves of such a purchase. 
  • The voucher has a validity period post which the voucher will hold no value. This period is mentioned on the voucher. 
  • Vouchers for other services, such as food and beverage vouchers, can also be shared with the holder’s approval. 
  • You can’t use these vouchers outside the Avianca flight-related services. 

How to request an Avianca voucher Refund

If you are looking to get a refund on the voucher, then that would not be possible under normal circumstances. For the most part, the airline has a strict rule against such requests. The voucher in itself holds a refund value for the ticket you purchase, or sometimes they are provided by the airlines under special offers.

A refund voucher was given to you because, as per the refund policies, you were not eligible to get a monetary refund. But if you request a refund on a refund voucher. It would be completely impossible. Only under extremely rare conditions can you get a refund on such a voucher, and it would require a lot of paperwork and a number of documents of proof. 

In case of food and drink vouchers, you may be able to get a refund if you give a good enough reason to the airline, along with documents supporting the claim. 

To talk about the status of your voucher, connect with the Avianca support team. They work around the clock so that no passenger is left without help.

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