Can I change the name on a plane ticket Avianca?

Can I change the name on a plane ticket Avianca?

Suppose there were tickets reserved by travelers on Aviana for the journey to their dream destination, but they want to change their flight tickets due to some emergency. There might be some mistakes on the travel date, and passengers prefer to make the changes. Yes, travelers can easily change their flight tickets whenever they need to make the changes. If they want to know the procedure to change the flight tickets on Avianca Airlines, then they can easily make the changes by following the way rendered by the airline:

Follow the procedure to change the Avianca tickets:

  • First, go to the internet browser of your choice, and sign in to the official site of Avianca Airlines.
  • On the website page of Avianca Airlines, passengers have to navigate the 'manage trip' section. 
  • A dashboard will appear on the screen and enter the information of the PNR number and last name of the passenger. 
  • Several options will appear on the new page; passengers must choose the 'change flight tickets' section.
  • Details of the reserved flight will be shown, from where passengers have to change their flight date by entering the next traveling date. 
  • Pay the money for changing the flight tickets if changed after 24 hours of booking.
  • After the airline has changed the tickets, a notification will be sent to you on your email or phone number.
  • Inform your travel agents about changing the tickets on the Avianca plane, and they will help out the passengers.

Does it cost to change the name on a plane ticket?

Some passengers might change their flight tickets after 24 hours of purchasing the flight tickets. They have to pay the changing amount of flight tickets for this instance. The ticket's changing amount is according to the flight type reserved by the passengers. The starting cost of changing the flight tickets is around $70 to a maximum of $120 per ticket. The travel agents who have purchased the flight tickets on behalf of their customers can also provide information regarding the cost of changing the flight tickets. 

Avianca change policy covid:

There are some policies of Avianca Airlines that are necessary for the passengers to follow to avoid future faults while making the changes. These terms and conditions can make the passengers aware of the types of changes they can make during the covid situation. The policies of Avianca Airlines are as follows:

  1. Due to the covid situation, if passengers are about to make the changes or reschedule their Avianca flight, there will be no charges.
  2. There will be no restrictions to make the changes anytime, due to the Covid situation.
  3. Those passengers who are elite members of Avianca Airlines do not have to pay any charges to the airline for making the flight changes.
  4. If there are any costs for changing the flight tickets for regular times, the passengers do not have to pay any charges to the airline.
  5. There is also a no-show policy that if passengers are not available after making the change, they have to pay the penalty to the airline. 
  6. If the price of the flights is more than the old flight tickets, then after making changes on the new tickets, passengers have to pay the rest amount to the airline. 
  7. On regular days, if the passengers will reschedule their flight tickets after 24 hours of purchase, they have to pay the[penalty to the airline.
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