Can I add Someone to my American Airlines Reservation?

Can I add Someone to my American Airlines Reservation?

Yes, you can add Someone to the American airline's reservation by adding some extra charge of the booking ticket of Someone. However, sometimes, after booking or reserving tickets, you want to add or change your reservation due to changes in your plans. Therefore, you want to change, but you are worried about how can I add Someone to my American airline's reservation? However, you are on the right track. To know more, read more below.

Thus, American airlines can provide the option of changing after reservation. However, all the airlines can't provide that option to add Someone to your reservation. If they provide, you must change your reservation 24 hours after reserving tickets. So, American Airlines is the best option for taking flights for reservation. Now, you are thinking, how do you update your American airline's reservation? For that, to be continued.

How can you change your existing reservation on American airlines?

American Airlines is the best worldwide airline. So, if you are booking with this airline and want to make some changes, follow these steps. There are the steps for updating your reservation that you can see below. However, if you can book your ticket online through a travel agent via a website, the reservation is made via the website of the American airline. Therefore, you have to reserve your ticket within three hours of scheduling the flight. So, you must contact American Airlines customer support to get more information about changing the flight.

Now, here are the steps for updating your booking online.

Steps of updating your reservation virtually by yourself

The steps of updating your reservation virtually from the website of American Airlines are:

  • Open the "" site of American Airlines.
  • Pawl on "check-in/ your tips."
  • Enter the traveler's essential details like your first name, last name, and confirmation code. However, the code will send to your official confirmation mail address for the booking or reservation.
  • Choose "find your trip."
  • Click on the "change trip" below the booking details and add Someone to my American airline's reservation.
  • Then, make some payments which will show there while paying.
  • Then, American Airlines can send you the change made confirming mail to the registered email address.

However, if your trip doesn't have the option of "change trip," contact the American airline's customer care office immediately.

Update your trip via account

Therefore, you can also make changes via the account of American Airlines, and the following steps are:

  • Browse the "" site of American Airlines. Visit:
  • Select the "login" mode on the right-hand side of the corner. 
  • Login your ID and password to access your account with your AAdvantage no.
  • After accessing the account, go for "my reservation."
  • However, if you want to change, click on the reservation.
  • Choose the "Change trip" option.
  • Make some changes in fee payment.
  • After that, you'll receive the confirmation of the change made in the reservation to the registered contact number and email.
  • So, after that, you can't see your option of the "change trip," you must contact the customer support of the AA.

Update your trip via contacting them by phone

However, if you can't make any changes to your reservation, contact the customer care support team of American Airlines by phone and ask them Can I add passengers to my existing American Airlines Booking? Then, they try to solve your query with the following: 

  • First, they require your essential details to verify you.
  • You must provide valid information for confirmation.
  • With that, they can make changes as per your demand.
  • After changes, they will send your confirmation to the registered number and email.

So, for updating your reservation, you can also acquire help through the customer care support team of American Airlines.

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