Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

Aeromexico Seat Selection 

Selecting an appropriate seat on a flight can significantly enhance your travel enjoyment, offering you comfort and convenience. Aeromexico, Mexico's flagship airline, knows the significance of seat selection for its passengers. This blog will explore  Aeromexico Seat Selection policy and the fees for booking your preferred seat.

Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy:

Aeromexico gives passengers various options for choosing seats, letting them customize their flying revel. Here are the important thing factors of Aeromexico's seat selection policy: 

  • Complimentary Seat Selection: Passengers traveling on Aeromexico's economy magnificence can pick out their seats at no cost in the course of the check-in system. However, particular seat preferences won't be available, and seat assignments are subject to availability.
  • Preferred Seats: Aeromexico offers desired seating alternatives, allowing passengers to select seats with more legroom or near the exits. These seats can be decided at a further cost, presenting a more comfortable journey to enjoy.
  • AM Plus: AM Plus is Aeromexico's premium economic system elegance, imparting more advantageous amenities and added consolation. Passengers visiting this magnificence can experience complimentary seat selection, including seats with more legroom and reclining.
  • Clase Premier: Aeromexico's Clase Premier (commercial enterprise-class) passengers can revel in a steeply-priced flying enjoy with a range of personalized offerings. Seat selection is protected within the fare for Clase Premier travelers, ensuring you have the best seat for your journey.

These are all the points you remember while securing your seat on Aeromexico. remeber that the seat selection policy is critical to understand because it will clear all your concerns and queries, and you can easily select your seats without any hassle. 

Aeromexico Seat Selection Costs:

While Aeromexico gives some passengers complimentary seat choices, extra Aeromexico Seat Selection cost are associated with choosing specific seats. Here's a breakdown of the seat selection charges:

  • Preferred Seats: Passengers traveling in budget system elegance can choose desired seats for an extra fee. These seats offer more excellent legroom or suitable places inside the cabin. The specific value may also range depending on flight length, direction, and seat availability.
  • AM Plus: If you choose AM Plus, the top rate economy class seat selection is covered inside the fare, allowing you to revel in added consolation without any extra prices.
  • Clase Premier: Business class passengers are entitled to complimentary seat choice, ensuring they have the most high-priced and customized experience during their journey.

Note: The actual seat choice charges and availability can alternate depending on various factors, including the flight path, journey elegance, and call. It is usually recommended to test Aeromexico's legit internet site or touch their customer service for the most up-to-date facts.


Aeromexico knows the importance of seat choice and offers several alternatives for passenger preferences. While complimentary seat choice is to be had for your budget class travelers, extra costs follow for desired seats. AM Plus and Clase Premier passengers experience the perks of complimentary seat choice in addition to enhancing their travel enjoyment. Remember to know the Aeromexico Seat Selection policy and all your travel desires, length, and budgets while selecting your seat on an Aeromexico flight.

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