KLM (KL) Flight Booking 

KLM Airlines is one of the most efficient airlines covering various countries and continents worldwide. The airline offers its passengers the best deals and discounts for flight, hotel, and rental car booking. If you want to fly with KLM, you can book the ticket at the best price in advance. 

The article below will educate you on how to book KLM flight tickets online at the best prices and various KLM flight booking methods. You can walk through it to avoid any hassle and inconvenience. 

KLM Airlines Classes 

KLM offers various classes, taking into consideration passenger choices and their budget. Here are the different cabin classes you can book when flying with KLM. You can choose any of these classes based on your requirements and choices. These are the main classes, which are further divided to provide more flexibility. If you want to check more details, you can get it online. 

  • Economy
  • Premium Comfort
  • Business Class 

Book your KLM (KL) Flight ticket online 

It is one of the simplest and most convenient options where you can book your ticket by sitting in the comfort of your home and without being part of a long queue. If you don't know how to book your KLM flight ticket online, follow these: 

  • Head to the KLM Airlines official website and go to the booking page. 
  • Choose your itinerary, one way or round way, enter the departure and arrival details, and provide the number of passengers flying.
  • Choose your booking class and search for the flight.
  • On the next page, select a suitable flight once you compare the prices. 
  • Provide detailed passenger information, and choose your desired seat in advance.
  • Make a selection of advanced amenities if required, and you can go to the payments page. 
  • Complete the total payment, and you will receive a confirmation email immediately.

Book your KLM Flight ticket over a phone call.

You can also directly speak to the live person at KLM and ask them to book the flight ticket for you. Dial the KLM booking number 1-800-618-0104, and a live agent will speak to you. Provide you booking details including the departure and arrival date and times, make advanced selection, etc. The team will share a link to review your booking, confirm it, and pay for the ticket online to complete the booking. Additional charges might apply when you book your flight ticket on the phone. 

Book your KLM Flight ticket at the airport. 

You can also visit the nearest airport and meet in person at the ticket counter for KLM booking. They will book your ticket at discounted prices if available and provide a confirmation email. Besides, remember that when booking a ticket at the airport, you might need to pay additional service charges.

Check-in for your flight with KLM Airlines 

You can check in with KLM Airlines by using its various check-in options. Once your booking is complete, the confirmation email you receive contains a confirmation code and other details. You can use the booking details to check in via the website and get your boarding pass. The web check-in is considered the quickest and simplest mode; here are further details. 

Web check-in/Online check-in service 

The Web check-in starts 24 hours before departure of your KLM flights. You can complete the web check-in either using the website or the mobile app. Here are the steps: 

  • Head to the KLM Airlines official website 
  • Go to the check-in heading on top
  • You can retrieve the check-in options using the account details or booking details
  • Select the itinerary to check in and proceed with the check-in process 
  • Make your seat selection case you have not made already 
  • Follow instructions and complete the check-in 
  • You can download the boarding pass finally and print it out for future reference 


Do I get KLM Airlines tickets cheaper at the airport?

No! KLM tickets at the airport are not cheap. Besides, you also cannot apply any discounts, offers, and deals, which are usually available online. 

What are KLM Airlines' hand luggage rules?

Like other airlines, KLM allows you to carry one hand luggage and one personal item for free on board. Anything you add extra, additional charges might incur. 

Can I check in online on KLM Airlines?

Yes! You can check in online with KLM quickly by visiting its official website or using the KLM mobile applications. 

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