What do I do if I missed my Air Canada flight?

What do I do if I missed my Air Canada flight?

Air Canada takes full responsibility if you cannot get to the flight because of any technical issue, and the airline is directly responsible for it and ready to compensate you with a refund. However, if you miss the flight because of your own mistake, such as not being able to board the flight on time, in such a case, a passenger cannot claim a refund, and they will have to bear the loss. This article will educate you on your options and actions to be performed if you miss your Air Canada flight. 

How do I contact Air Canada if I missed my connection?

The passengers who have missed their connecting flight for any reason for which the airline is directly responsible such as rescheduling the flight without prior notification to the passengers. Air Canada invites you to rebook your flight within five days of the missed flight. You need to contact Air Canada if I missed my connection and rebook your flight through the below-given process: 

  • Dial 1-888-247-2262 and join Air Canada’s representative on the call.
  • Provide the details of your previous booking.
  • Send the booking documents, tickets, and boarding pass of the last booking to their email id.
  • Ask them to rebook your flight for the same destination.
  • The Airline will rebook your flight and send your booking details to your registered email id. 

What are the policies for a missed flight at Air Canada?

The Passengers who have missed their flight must inform themselves of the policies for a missed flight and then ask for help from Air Canada accordingly. The airline will help you if you must miss your flight due to their fault. To know the terms and conditions for Air Canada missed flight, read the points below:

  • Air Canada will shift you to the next available flight for the same destination with the facilities you booked earlier at no extra cost.
  • If the flight has been rescheduled by the airline without prior notification and, due to this, you have missed your flight. You are entitled to a full refund without any deduction.  
  • If the passengers have completed the check-in and miss their flight, the airline will reschedule their travel by providing them with the next available flight. If, due to this, you miss your connecting flight, the airline is not responsible for it.
  • If you have missed your flight for your own mistake, the airline is not liable to you for the refund. 

Will I get the money back if I miss my Air Canada flight?

The passengers can claim compensation from the airline if they miss their flight due to the airline’s fault. The airline will try to get you a different flight; if they cannot, they will refund your money to your source payment. 

How long can I rebook a missed flight?

Air Canada gives a window of five days for the passengers to apply for rebooking if they miss their flight. The airline will rebook their flight at no extra cost.

What if I missed my connecting flight?

The Airline will get you the next flight to the same destination, but if you missed the flight because of your mistake. 

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