How much is the baggage fee for LOT airlines?

How much is the baggage fee for LOT airlines?

As a traveler of LOT airlines, you are aware that this airline permits people to carry only luggage up to a certain limit, and that's why you are curious to know how much the baggage fee is for LOT airlines? You are wondering about this as you have already exceeded that weight limit, and after knowing this issue, you can prepare as per that you won't have to worry here you are explained all you must know regarding the baggage fee of LOT airlines that you must know as a traveler 

What is the luggage allowance of the lot that you have to follow:

There is a variation in allowance that is dependent on route variation, and that is as follows 

  • If your flight is going to or from to US or Canada
  • Luggage allowed is allowance of size as well as weight, and size must not exceed 62 line inches or 158 cm considering length, breadth, and height also, it must not exceed 70lb or 32 kg for business class and economy class, it must not exceed 23 kg or 50lb 
  • If you are going to or from Europe or the middle east

Luggage allowed in this case is 62 linear inches or 158 cm, and talking of its heaviness then, it must not exceed 60lb 30 kg for business class, and for the economy, it must not exceed 20 kg or 44 lb  

What are the fees for excess luggage?

If you have exceeded the weight limit that is set up, then for each excess luggage, you have to pay an amount starting from $55 to $380 per luggage, and this depends on the size of the luggage as well as the route of your journey 

If you purchase luggage space online, then you have to pay 20 % less as compared to the one that you have to pay at the airport checkin counter 

There is a baggage allowance limit that you have to look to if you don't want to pay for excess luggage, and after you have read the LOT Airlines baggage allowance 2023 guide  you can get to know all you must know regarding the fees of excess luggage and the free allowance limit that you have to follow if you dont want to pay for excess baggage and this varies for the business as well as economy class

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