How much does it cost to change the date of an Avianca flight?

How much does it cost to change the date of an Avianca flight?

Avianca airlines always try to meet every passenger's demand for the preferred flight journey. One can book their flight travel with Avianca airlines online at their website. Sometimes, you can face issues due to which you cannot board the flight on the expected departure. Passengers are allowed to change their travel before the scheduled departure by paying some fees. The flight change fees will calculate between $25 to $200, along with the fare difference.

Thus, to change the flight date, you can follow the below steps online:

  • In the beginning, you must get the official website of Avianca airlines. 
  • After this, you can proceed to the manage your booking section available on the website.
  • You must enter the booking reference number and the passenger's last name. 
  • When you tap on the retrieve button, you will access the booking. 
  • From that, you can select the appropriate flight that you wish to change.
  • Once you tap on the flight change button, you can choose the new travel dates.
  • You can tap on the search button and find the list of available flights.
  • You can pay for the fare difference and date change fees when you proceed further. 
  • Avianca airlines will send you the confirmation mail related to the date change.

How much do you pay to change the date of a flight?

The flight date change fees depend on multiple factors with Avianca airlines. Following are the appropriate fees for your journey:

  • Passengers who change the flight date within 24 hours of the purchase are not required to pay any fees. 
  • If you change the travel after 24 hours, you need to pay fees of $75 to $100 for the domestic departure. 
  • For the international flight, you must pay fees varying between $100 to $400 according to the reservation type and travel destination. 

Apart from the change fees, you must also pay the fare difference accordingly. 

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