How do I reschedule a Cancelled flight on Southwest?

How do I reschedule a Cancelled flight on Southwest?

Flight cancelations can be a tough thing to bear, especially when one has to travel on an urgent basis. Though most flight cancelations are specifically made due to safety issues amidst challenging weather conditions, a few other reasons can also contribute to canceling a flight. However, such involuntary flight cancellations aren't the fault of the passengers, so airlines provide quick reimbursement or other flying options suitable for the passenger. Those who ask, "How do I reschedule a Cancelled flight on Southwest?" can read below to learn more about Southwest Airlines, its flight cancellations, and how to handle such cancellations.

Southwest Airline Policy for canceled flights

  • Southwest holds the right to cancel a flight in prolonged extreme weather conditions like a thunderstorm, heavy rainfall, hurricanes, etc., to protect the airplane and the passengers from imminent danger.
  • A flight that Southwest has canceled will entitle all passengers to a free rebooking or a full refund on their reservation.
  • An email with the rebooked itinerary of a new flight would be automatically sent to the passenger after their flight is canceled involuntarily.
  • One can opt to change the flight date and time if the rebooked flight doesn't suit their schedule within 14 days for free. 
  • One can also ask for a refund instead of traveling with the rebooked flight.

How to reschedule a canceled Southwest flight?

Southwest rebooks a flight immediately for the passengers whose flight has been canceled. The details of the new flight are sent to the email of the passenger as listed under the original reservation. Thus, one doesn't have to search for a rebooking actively. However, it may happen that the new flight may not be scheduled at the best time for a said traveler, so they can seek to change the date or time for the flight.

Reschedule a flight via the website:

  • To change the flight date and time of a rescheduled flight, one can get on the official Southwest homepage and click on the "Change/Cancel" menu.
  • Proceed by entering the flight reservation details of the rescheduled flight, as contained within the rescheduled flight email, and search for the new flight's reservation.
  • Next, the browser would load the flight itinerary and click on the change flight option.
  • Search and choose a suitable flight and then continue to book the flight.
  • Click on "Confirm" and wait for another email affirming the success of changing the rescheduled flight.

Via phone call:

One may call the customer care department of Southwest to get their flight rescheduled. The contact number can be retrieved from the Southwest website on the airline's homepage and then clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page. The contact details of each SOuthwest customer care option will be available. However, to reschedule a flight, one should dial the phone number and talk to a voice agent directly.

Does Southwest give a refund for canceled flights?

One can again ask for a refund instead of a rescheduled flight if their flight is canceled by Southwest by calling Southwest customer care. According to the Southwest cancellation policy 24 hours, the refund can be processed either as flight credits for further usage or as a cash refund in the original currency used to pay for the reservation. The human support agent at Southwest will help in doing so efficiently.

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