Can I choose my seat on Air Canada?

How do I choose my seat on Air Canada?

Recently, booked a reservation on Air Canada or looking to make a reservation for a vacation or a business trip and are trying to find the best seat on Air Canada. You are on the right page. A detailed explanation is given below on  How do I choose my seat on Air Canada? So continue reading.

Steps to choose your seats on Air Canada

There are two methods where you can book tickets. You can book your seats when you book your tickets or book before checking in. read the below steps to get an idea of how to select the seats on Air Canada online advance seat selection and have an amazing trip.

Advance seat booking:

  • To choose a seat after booking a Air Canada, you must read the following for better understanding.
  • You need to browse the website of Air Canada. Then go to the page, click on the book, and then click on the flight button.
  • You can see many options such as round trip, one way and multi-trip, choose according to your preference. 
  • Click on search flights, and you will get a list of flights to your destination. Compare and choose the best flight as per your preference.
  • After selecting the flights, you will also have the option to select your seat.
  • A seat map will be opened when you click on the seat selection option. You can select the available seats. According to your tickets, seat selection is charged.
  • Ensure you have the correct information and the right destination, and then make a payment.
  • You will get a confirmation notification from Air Canada.

Seat selection at check in:

  • If you don't want to book seats in advance and make a payment, you can also make a free of charge seat booking at check in.
  • Make sure to be at the airport two hours prior if it's a domestic or four hours if it is an international flight.
  • You can ask the representative about the seats, and you can choose accordingly when handing over your luggage.

Can I choose my seat on Air Canada?

Visit the official website of Air Canada to know more about seat selection, or contact them for further information. Self check-in is also available 42 hours before your departure, so if you don't want to wait to choose the desired seats, you can book the seats in advance. You can choose your desired seats via web check in.

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