How do I get a refund from Volaris Airlines?

How can I get a refund from Volaris airlines? 

Are you pondering over Volaris refunds? Here is a piece of all-inclusive information that is meant to help travelers understand Volaris refunds and cancellations for flight bookings.

Does Volaris do refunds?

  • People can get refunds for their flight reservations reserved with Volaris. Full and partial refunds are available for flights canceled at Volaris. The refund amount depends on the cancellation date from the actual scheduled departure of the concerned flight booked with Volaris. 
  • People can grab a full refund for flights that are canceled within the 24-hour cancellation window. Also, one can get refunds for refundable flight cancellations at Volaris. 
  • If you cancel a non-refundable flight booking, you can still get a future travel credit from the airline allowing you to travel again with the airline using the flight rebooking option. The Future Travel Credit is valid for one year from the date of issue for all. Also, the future travel credit amount is calculated based on the unused value of the flight. 

Note: make the flight booking at least 7 days prior to the departure to get refunds for your flight. 

How can I get a refund from Volaris airlines? 

People can get monetary refunds for their flight reservations using either of the following ways that are as follows: 

People can communicate with the customer support representative at Volaris to get refund-related information or to file a refund on their behalf. Passengers can reach out to the customer service department using the customer support helpline available o the official website. Visit to access the contact details for receiving optimum help and support with flight reservations, cancellations, and refunds. Passengers can also stick to emailing the customer support team at Volaris for raising a refund request for the canceled flight booking. 

If you are interested in filing online refunds for your flight booking at Volaris, you can simply stick to the below-mentioned steps that are as follows: 

  • Visit the official website to access the cancellation and refund option for your flight booking. 
  • Select the refunds option on the page and you can find the refund request form. 
  • Fill out the details on the refund request form to submit it. People need to provide their booking reference number along with the cancellation confirmation code where prompted o the form. 
  • Submit the form for due consideration by the airline and receive a refund reference number. This allows passengers to get refund status-related details. 

People need to wait for about 7 to 10 business days for the refund amount to reflect in their original payment source used at the time of reservation at Volaris. In the case of future travel credit, the airline releases the amount at once to the passenger’s account so that they are able to go ahead with rebooking another flight with Volaris using the Volaris travel credit limit.

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