Does Southwest Airlines require Covid test?

Does Southwest Airlines require Covid test?

There are certain terms and conditions regarding Covid-19 that every airline follows and allot to their passengers. The same situation is with Southwest Airlines; when passengers plan to book their flight tickets with them and travel internationally, they need to have a Covid test as per the requirement. The travelers must keep their test reports with them before boarding the flight. There are some tips that passengers can follow to keep them safe:

Essential points to keep in mind before traveling:

Passengers are required to read the information according to the particular country's government regarding the Covid.

  • Passengers should have their test done 72 hours before the scheduled flight time.
  • It is necessary to require a covid test negative. 
  • Try to do your test even after landing at your arrival destination. 
  • Keep distance from fellow travelers to prevent infection.
  • Passengers need to avoid communicating with others.

Do I need a negative COVID-19 Test to travel?

Yes, all the passengers must have a negative test of Covid. It prevents other passengers from getting infected. If travelers plan to visit any country worldwide, they should carry their negative certification of Covid-19. If they are vaccinated, you must have both certificates of vaccination. Traveling with Southwest Airlines requires adverse reports. Some passengers forgot to do their test because the airport has all the facilities to have their rapid examination of Covid-19 to prevent other passengers from the virus. 

Some of the covid-19 policies of Southwest Airlines:

To travel with the airline, passengers must have the knowledge of the rules and regulations of Southwest Airlines that is compulsory for them. The policies are as follows:

  • According to the airline's claims, the passengers should have both vaccination doses of Covid-19.
  • Before boarding the flight, passengers should require their RT-PCR test almost 72 hours prior to the scheduled flight tickets.
  • Travelers must carry extra face masks that are surgical masks. Keep in mind to change the mask every two hours during the journey. 
  • Keep distance from the airport staff and fellow passengers. Do not communicate with them unnecessarily.
  • When using toilets, always keep in mind to close the lid and then flush the toilets.
  • It is restricted for the passengers to move around on board without any reason.
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