Does KLM charge for missed flights?

KLM Missed Flight

Missing a flight is one of those rare experiences that no traveler ever wants to experience, but there are many times when passengers cancel their flights either due to their own reasons or due to the airline's fault. If you have made a booking with KLM Airlines but cannot reach the boarding gate on time due to an excessive crowd at the security check and you missed your flight, then you can rebook another flight to your destination. Now you must be thinking, “Does KLM charge for missed flights?” then yes, if you miss your flight and rebook another ticket, then you are required to pay charges under certain cases. To gather complete-information, it is important customers read the missed flight policies of KLM Airlines given-below. 

KLM Missed flight policies:

Since missing a flight is already confusing, it is better if the passengers know the KLM missed flight policies. Some of the important policies that travelers are expected to be aware of are mentioned below:

  • If any KLM ticket holder cannot reach the airport on time for personal reasons and misses his flight, then the airline is not liable to provide a refund.
  • Suppose the reason for the flight miss is the passenger's medical condition. In that case, he must inform the airline about it and provide all the medical certificates so that the airline can cancel his reservation and reschedule his ticket.
  • If a KLM flight delays your original flight due to which your connecting flight misses, then the airline will provide the next alternative to your destination.
  • If any customer has booked tickets using miles or traveling vouchers, they will not be eligible for compensation for missing a flight.
  • If any customer has booked a round-trip flight and he misses his first flight, then the airline will cancel further itineraries. 

The procedure to reschedule a flight if a passenger misses his flight: 

If any customer misses his flight, then he must pay the flight rescheduling fare and book another option using the following steps: 

  • Search for your flight by entering details on the website of KLM Airlines.
  • Fill in the passenger’s details 
  • Make payment for booking your ticket.
  • Soon you will receive a KLM confirmation notification. 
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