How to Contact United Airlines at Miami Airport

United Airlines Miami Airport 

United Airlines is a major airline from the United States of America. The passengers can enjoy various complimentary perks flying with the Airline. United Airlines offers its flight to multiple locations in and out of America. Miami is one such location. It is situated in the state of Florida. The city has various certified colleges and multiple locations for tourists. If you plan to visit Miami, you may have to use the Miami Airport. You can connect via phone by dialing United Airlines Miami airport phone number 305-876-7000 to the representative of the Airline.

How to Contact United Airlines at Miami Airport?

Here are some more numbers that can help you:

  • United Airlines Miami airport phone number 305-876-7000/+1-601-864-8331
  • Airline Information- 305-876-7000
  • Baggage storage room- 305-869-1163
  • Customer Service- 305-869-1859
  • Ground Transportation- 305-876-7000

What Terminal is used by United Airlines at Miami Airport?

United Airlines passengers traveling from Miami airport might want to know the Terminal the Airline uses. You must visit Terminal S to get a United Airline Flight.

What is the check-in policy of United Airlines?

  • Travelers have to check in as per the policies of the airlines. They may not allow you to board the flight if you reach the airport after crossing the check-in time. The check-in policy of the airport is as follows:
  • You can check in online 24 hours before the scheduled flight.
  • Passengers are supposed to check in at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight for the domestic location. To catch an international flight, you are supposed to visit the airport 3 hours before the scheduled flight.
  • If you do not carry luggage, you can reach the airport 45 minutes before the flight take-off time for domestic areas. However, you have to arrive 1 hour before the international flights.
  • Travelers asking for medical assistance at the airport must reach one hour earlier than the scheduled check-in time.

How do I claim baggage?

Baggage is an essential part of your travel. If you have missed your baggage or cannot find it at the airport. You are advised to contact the respective Airline. If you were traveling via United Airlines and missed your bag at Miami Airport. There are various ways to claim your bags. Here is discussed what you can claim for your luggage.

Call- The Airline has lost and found a team responsible for collecting the missed items at the airport. Passengers unable to find their bags can contact the team via phone calls. To make contact with the representative of the Airline by call. You can dial 1888-335-0690, this number. They may ask you a few questions to help them identify your bag.

Form- The other option that you have is to report the missing items by filling out a form. You will get the form in their official page's lost and found section. Click on the report for the missing item and fill the form with necessary questions like your name, number, and description of your bags. They will revert you with the solution.

What is the office address of United Airlines at Miami Airport?

You might want to know the office address of United Airlines Miami airport to get help from the airline officials at the airport. The office address is here:

         2100 NW 42nd Ave,

         Miami, FL 33142,

         United States

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