Are LATAM flights refundable?

Are LATAM flights refundable?

Passengers who cancel their LATAM flight bookings are able to get refunds after filing a refund request for their cancelled flight. Now, there are multiple ways that one can use in order to file a refund request at LATAM for their flight bookings. 

You can file a refund request by visiting the official website and accessing the refund request form to file online refunds at LATAM. 

One can also get instant support with refunds by reaching out to the customer service representatives at LATAM for help with filing a refund request for a cancelled flight booking. 

Are LATAM flights refundable?

All LATAM reservations are refundable until they are reserved under the non-refundable flight category. People are able to get instant assistance with their flight bookings by communicating with a customer service agent at LATAM. 

Non-refundable flight bookings are non-refundable, however, multiple times people are able to get a free future travel credit for their flight bookings and this can be used for a future booking at LATAM. One can get bookings done online via accessing the LATAM website 

How do I get a refund from LATAM airlines?

Online refunds are easy to process and take only a few minutes which is why it is one of the best ways to file a refund for your cancelled LATAM flight reservation. Here is a step-by-step guide for filing online refunds at LATAM: 

  • First and foremost, passengers need to navigate to the official website where they are able to access the refunds and cancellation option. 
  • Select the refunds option on the page and you can locate the refund request option. 
  • Fill out the details of the refund request form available on the website. 
  • You need to provide details such as your booking confirmation number along with your cancellation confirmation code. 
  • Mention your personal information such as your last name and hit the submit option to submit the duly filled refund request form for refunds for your flight booking. 

Receive an online refund request reference number from LATAM airlines’ end and you can refer to this refund number for refund status updates online at

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